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This is why your visa application might be rejected

Is it not disheartening when you painstakingly fill out your visa application and submit it only to have it rejected? If you think it isn’t maybe you haven’t yet tried.

Every so often we engage people who have had their travel Visa applications rejected and are looking for a way forward. It is ordinarily possible to appeal the visa denial or to apply afresh after some time but the wait and all that trouble is something you wouldn’t want to go through.

Today we thought we should share with you a few tips so your travel plans never get disrupted by a red stump. Please read on.

Reason #1: Past or present criminal record

Having a criminal record, past or present can hinder your validity to get your  visa application accepted. The issuing officer might view you as a threat to the stability of the country you want to visit.

If you think that leaving out the criminal record in your application will save you then you are very much mistaken. That alone can cause suspicion that there’s something you have to hide.

Reason #2: Unclear purpose of stay or travel

In your application, you should clearly state why you want to go to the country. It could be to visit a relative, for tourism, or to meet and stay with your spouse.

Make it clear and have documents that support your primary reason for travel.

Reason #3: Presenting a damaged or expired passport

Embassies take this very seriously. If your passport has torn, loose or missing pages, your visa application to be rejected.

Also if you are applying for a visa and your passport is about to expire then your application might be rejected. Most countries require at least six months prior to expiration but this varies from country to country.

Reason #4: Insufficient means of subsistence

Most embassies need to see a clear bank statement (with sufficient funds) from your bank to be sure that you will not become an economic burden to their country or resort to criminal means to earn a living.

Remember that the minimum bank balance varies from one country to another.

Reason #5: Poorly presented documents

Obvious as it may seem, presenting incomplete or disorganised documents can result in you failing to get a visa application accepted.

Triple check to make sure that all of the application and supporting documents are chronologically organised before you submit them.

Reason #6: Applying for the wrong type of visa

Before you download and fill the visa application form, be sure that it is the right one that you need.

For example applying for a tourist visa and yet you are going to visit a spouse could make it very hard for you to qualify, because judgement about whether to allow you in or not is based on different parameters depending on your reason for travel.

Reason #7: Following advice from the wrong people

Be sure from whom you get your information or advice. Not everyone is equipped with the right information to answer all of your visa related questions. Listening to the wrong person  could cost you a visa and all the benefits that particular overseas trip could offer you.

This is a big one: Falsifying documents.

Falsifying or misrepresenting yourself on any of your visa application information or documents is a big NO.

You should ensure that the information in your application documents correlates and is accurate before you submit them.

Whereas there could be a few other reasons why your visa application might be rejected, the above stand out as some of the most common. Remember however that no matter where you apply there is always a chance to appeal. Or apply again.

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